Enviro$en$e - Common Sense Solutions to Environmental Problems - http://es.epa.gov/
U.S. EPA repository for pollution prevention, compliance assurance, and enforcement information and databases. Includes case studies, technologies, points of contact, environmental statutes, executive orders, regulations, and compliance/enforcement policies and guidelines.



National Environmental Directory - http://www.environmentaldirectory.net/
Comprehensive and searchable directory of more than 13,000 organizations in the United States concerned with environmental issues and environmental education.



Eco Index - http://www.eco-index.org
A database of conservation and related research projects in Mexico and Central America, with project descriptions, goals, achievements, lessons learned and internet links. Maintained by the Rainforest Alliance.



Environment Industry Yearbook Online - http://www.eiy.co.uk
Comprehensive directory with searchable database of UK environmental companies, news, events and industry information.



Environmental Web Sites in Japan - http://www.apec-vc.or.jp/ewldweb/ewebsite.htm
Directory of organizations, research institutes, and NGOs.




Environment Go - http://www.environment-go.net
UK-based information portal for environmental professionals, including news, jobs boards, directory of environmental businesses, web directory, events listings, and online forum.



Port of Entry - http://www.portofentry.com/
Gateway to news and information on environmental topics and technology, focused on Latin America. Includes articles on recent research and current concerns, directories, upcoming training and events, job listings, and business opportunities. [English/Spanish]



Florida Internet Center for Understanding Sustainability - http://www.ficus.usf.edu/
Guide to environment-related Internet resources for Florida, including current Florida environmental news.



Great Lakes Environmental Directory - http://www.greatlakesdirectory.org
Web directory and search engine for this North American region, including data access, links to government agencies and environmental groups, success stories, and other resources.



Ontario Environment Business Directory - http://www.envirodirectory.on.ca/
Searchable directory of Ontario environmental organizations and businesses. (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)



Australian Natural Resource Management Information Site - http://naturalresource.alphalink.com.au
Includes job links, agency links, legislation and law links, university and general information about environmental management in Australia.



Comprehensive Indian Environment Search Engine - http://www.envindia.com
Network of Indian Environment Professionals' directory of topical links and businesses/organizations related to environment and nature in India.



Environmental Services Directory for Washington State –http://www.esdwa.com
Provides access to information on government agencies, services, consultants, NGOs, and events in this US state.



Clover Point Cartographics - Links - http://www.cloverpoint.com/links.html
Links to environmental websites, particularly GIS resources, with emphasis on Canada. Include ESRI Canada, Ministry of Forests, and numerous Provincial and Federal Government web sites.



Envirolink UK - http://www.envirolinkuk.org/
Intended to be a 'one stop shop' for environmental management information for small and medium sized enterprises in the United Kingdom. Topical information and business links are intended for a British audience, but could be useful for anyone.



Russian Green Pages - http://rgp.agava.ru
Directory of environmental/ecological businesses, organizations, and government agencies in Russia, with links to related international resources.



Scottish Environmental Data Base - http://www.ed.ac.uk/~eco/env
Possibly the most complete list of environmental links for Scotland on the Internet. Maintained by Edinburgh University Ecological Society.



Environmental Network International - http://www.eni-net.com/default.asp
Information resources intended for U.S. environmental businesses, including federal environmental databases, government contracting information, federal regulations, and vendor databases.



Puget Sound Green Pages - http://www.wolfenet.com/~greenway/
Internet links for the Puget Sound Environmental Community in Northwest Washington State



Environmental Technology Guide - http://www.lvi.de/pu/utf
Directory of companies offering environmental products and services in the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, organized by category.



Urban Streams - http://www.urbanstreams.org
Directory of links to information to assist volunteers working to protect and restore streams and salmon habitat in the Pacific Northwest.



GreenNet Australia - http://www.paradigm4.com.au/cgi-bin/bapples-user.cgi?area=374315
An independent environmental directory of the internet for Australia. Includes some international links.



Pacific Northwest Conservation Directory - http://www.onenw.org/directory  
Links and brief descriptions for over 1300 environmental protection organizations located in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho.