You can stop littering,by always using a dustbin to throw your chocolate & sweet wrappers,your wafer / savory polyester pouches,your soft drink cartons,your empty PET water bottle etc.Never throw rubbish from your car or bus or train.

You can help keep beaches & parks clean by never throwing things or used packages etc. in the sea,in the lakes,in the parks or the playgrounds. This will help preventing ugly garbage around & destroying of fish,attracting insects & creating dirty shores.Form the bin habit and learn never to throw used packaging on the roadside or public places whether someone is watching you or not.

You can help the family by insisting on segregating waste disposal at home,showing your parents,brothers & sisters & your servants that packaging can be recycled several times into useful products. But for this all dry garbage such as paper,plastic bags,cartons,tin containers,empty bottles must be placed in a separate bin & the food waste,flowers & plant waste,fruit peels etc must be disposed off as wet garbage in a separate bin.
Once you have successfully understood and implemented the two or three ideas & practices for a month or two,write out a note for the class teacher how you have suceeded in help keeping the environment clean. You may share your success report with us and if interesting this can be added on as news for school children on our website with your name and the name of your school.This would be seen & shared by children & school teachers from the world over who could do what you did well

Source: ICPE - ENVIS