•  Project study on Life Cycle Responsibility of plastics
A project study on Life Cycle Responsibility of plastics has been undertaken by ICPE at SIES School of Packaging,Packaging Technology Centre,Navi Mumbai.

Polymers based plastic packaging have made considerable inroads into the packaging field covering virtually every product groups-consumer,consumer durable and industrial.This has been facilitated by virtue of their versatility.Yet ambiguities prevail regarding the use of specific packaging media for a given purpose.Clarity on the concept-what is referred to as an appropriate package -needs an in-depth study in as much as the journey involves many a people,process,product-package compatibility packaging line-distribution-marketing-environmental aspects.

In this regard Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment(ICPE) has taken up a project on Life Cycle Responsibility at SIES School of Packaging,Navi Mumbai.
The underlying objective of the proposed study is to establish the various techno commercial and related facets involved in the finalisation of a package and its movement till final disposal.

The approach is to identify a select group of mass consumed products that use a considerable quantum of plastics based packaging media and where the post consumer rejections appear voluminous.

•  Project to study the Plastic Processing Industry
Project entitled "Providing Technical Inputs Based on Published Literature on Plastic Processing - A Non Polluting Industry at Shriram Institute for Industrial Research

For a long time there has been a debate on different circles on whether the plastic processing industry can be classified as environment friendly or otherwise.Different agencies have seen this industry with different perspectives.

However,if the whole matter be visualized in realistic terms it seems that there is a lack of awareness among the section of public regarding the category in which plastic processing industry should fall. There is a great need to create mass awareness about the environmental aspects of the plastic processing industry.However,for that it is necesary to study plastic processing techniques in detail and come out with technical facts regarding behaviour of various plastics during processing,which can ultimately serve as aids for judging the nature of plastic processing industry. In this regard,Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment(ICPE) has approached Shriram Institute for Industrial Research(SRI) for preparation of a report on finding the effect of various processing parameters on the behaviour of plastics during the processing cycle.

Source: ICPE - ENVIS