•  1st Presentation to Justice Misra Committee
ICPE made presentation to Justice Misra Committee on "Plastics and environment" - An assesment and road map.

•  Integrated Solid Waste Management Project
World Environment Day celebrations held at Nagothane.

•  International Symposium on Feedstock Recycling
The 2nd International Symposium on Feedstock Recycling of Plastics and other Innovative Plastics Recycling Techniques ISFR  2002 was held at Ostend,Belgium from Setpember 8-11,2002.

The aim of the symposium was to provide a forum that is both pleasant and prestigious for high-level discussions on the chemical and material recycling of plastics and plastics containing waste fractions and to foster relationships in joint research.

Two delegates from ICPE participated in the symposium with the objective of strenghtening relationships with various foreign associations and in jointly working wih them on all issues relating to plastics.

A presentation on "Indian Polymer Industry and Environmental Issues" was made by Mr.Ramanathan,President,Governing Council,Indian Center for Plastics in the Environment.

  Plastics In Environment - Recycling
Seminar Held at Bhopal by CIPET
The vinyl industry has taken the lead in developing automated sorting technology that large-scale recycling operations can use to separate different plastics from each other more efficiently. These include systems developed by National Recovery

•  Seminar on Economy and Ecology Moving Together With Plastics
The Confederation of Indian Industry(CII),Northern Region,jointly with the Indian Plastics Institute(IPI),Delhi Chapter organised a seminar on Economy and Ecology Moving together with Plastics on 3rd and 4th May 2002 at the Convention Centre,Indian Habitat Centre,Lodi Road,New Delhi

The objective of organising this seminar was to understand the concerns of the end user vis-a-vis environment and develop strategies to be undertaken by the industry in co-operation with the regulatory bodies. The seminar broadly covered the following areas: Importance of Plastics to "User Industry",Plastics and Waste Management and Environmental Policy. A presentation was made by Dr.Bhatt on Plastics and Waste Management with a focus on General Plastic Waste Management.The presentation was well attended and well appreciated by all the members. The seminar provided a unique opportunity for the representatives of the industry from different sectors,entire plastic industry,concerned government departments and institutions to assemble and interact on a single platform.

Source: ICPE - ENVIS