• Green plastics - An Eco-friendly Approach
ICPE jointly sponsored - PLASTISCOPE 2001 - a seminar held at Kolkata. It was a joint venture of Indian Plastics Federation with Indian Plastics Institute.

PLASTISCOPE 2001 organised at Kolkata on 20th December,2001 a seminar on " Green Plastic - An Eco-friendly Approach". The venue was Taj Bengal,Kolkata. The removal of misconceptions and myths,was the objective of the seminar. Issues related to segregating waste at source,increase recycling and manufacture non-critical products like park-benches,lumbers etc. from municipal waste,to help the environment,with the help and co-operation of Government Departments,Municipalities and NGOs was highlighted and discussed during the seminar.
• Inter-college debate organised by IIT Delhi
Is banning plastics the only solution to save the environment?This was deliberated upon at an inter-college debate organised by IIT Delhi and sponsored by ICPE on March 3rd 2002 as part of its annual technology fest.

Students from several institutes all over the country participated in the fest.The participants supported their arguments with facts,figures and scientific studies.They spoke about the need of educating the common man on proper disposal of plastic as opposed to banning plastic totally. The motion of the debate went in favour of plastics.The debate cleared a lot of misconceptions about plastics and their uses.The participants pleaded for stricter laws to ensure safe disposal of plastics. Speaking on the occasion,ICPE Director General,Dr.A.N.Bhatt said:"I was delighted to find that today s youth is well aware of the facts regarding plastics."
• Press Conference held at Chennai
A press conference was organized by the Tamil Nadu Plastics Manufacturers  Association (TAPMA) to evaluate the proposed bill banning  non-reusable  plastics in Tamil Nadu.ICPE also participated in the conference.

Dr. S.K . Verma presented an evaluation of the proposed bill banning  non-reusable  plastics in TN The problem is not plastics,but improper waste management and the lack of awareness among the public,pointed out Dr. Sushil Kumar Verma,Director General,Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET) while addressing the media in Chennai recently. The press conference was organized by the Tamil Nadu Plastics Manufacturers  Association (TAPMA) to present an evaluation of the proposed Bill.

“Almost all commonly used plastics are recyclable”,the polymer expert asserted. Therefore,plastics waste management requires segregation of plastic articles from the domestic and commercial garbage and send them to the recycler. Already 60 per cent of plastic waste is recycled. The public should be prevented from indiscriminately throwing away plastics on the streets after use and the Municipality has to create proper infrastructure to clear solid waste.
Burning plastics does not release dioxin:
Referring to the Tamil Nadu Government campaign that burning of plastics releases dioxins,Dr. A.N. Bhat,a polymer expert and Director General of Indian Centre for Plastics in Environment (ICPE) clarified that there is no truth in the statement. “ Burning plastics made of polyolefin (material that is used for making carry bags and other commonly used items such as cups,tumblers etc.) does not release dioxins in the atmosphere that causes cancer. Polyolefin products contain only Hydrogen and Carbon and when burnt they dissipate as carbon dioxide and water”,Dr. Bhat added.

Dr. Verma and Dr. Bhat said that the government of Tamil Nadu should invite experts from CIPET,ICPE,IIT and such other organizations before the Select Committee of the State Assembly that is likely to examine the Tamil Nadu Plastic Articles (Prohibition of sale,storage,transport and use) Bill. Scientific evidence and not emotional arguments should form the basis of such a legislation,which is likely to affect the life of common man. Members of TAPMA stated that the plastic industry is committed to working with the local administration,non-governmental organizations and citizens groups on disposal and recycling of plastic waste. Similarly,the industry would support a State-wide consumer awareness programme to promote segregation of municipal waste at source to facilitate recycling of plastics.

• Seminar in Chennai on Plastics and Environment
Plastics and Environment issues were the subject of a seminar organised by Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment(ICPE)and Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology(CIPET)in Chennai on July 27,2002. Click above to find the latest enewsbulletin of ICPE covering the seminar.


Source: ICPE - ENVIS