SUBJECT :  Thiruvananthapuram corporation to fine for public littering, burning of plastic waste 

 Thiruvananthapuram corporation to fine for public littering, burning of plastic waste

Aswin J Kumar | TNN | Jul 17, 2017, 09:19 PM IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The corporation council meeting held here on Monday approved the draft by-laws on waste management which have been framed in accordance with plastic waste management and handling rules, construction and demolition waste management rules and e-waste management rules framed by the ministry of environment and forests. The capital city became the first civic body in the state to roll out by laws based on management of perishable and recyclable waste as mandated by the centre.

The by-law which lists down close to 200 penalties mainly focus on public sanitation and need to maintain hygiene in public toilets, markets, and roads. A penalty of Rs 1000 has been fixed for burning waste in public places and repeated offense will invite a fine of Rs 2,500. In case of dumping of waste in public places, a penalty would be Rs 2,500 and for repeated offence, the fine would be Rs 5,000.

Bulk generators of waste would be fined Rs 5000 for failure to install sustainable waste management mechanism and repeated offence would cost them Rs 2000. Use of disposables and distribution of cooked food wrapped in plastic covers, multilayer plastic covers, disposable vessels and glasses have been banned. Violation of bylaw would invite fines ranging between Rs 1,000-5,000. Burning of plastic waste except using technologies approved by pollution control board or Suchitwa mission would invite the highest fine of Rs 25,000.

The council has also introduced a reward and incentive system to curb the practice of dumping waste in public places. Any person reporting littering of public places with evidence would be rewarded 40% of the fine and corporation official who levies the fine would be given an incentive of 25%.

Source: TOI - 17-7-17