SUBJECT : Awareness Programme At Mahatma Gandhi, Vidyamandir, Mumbai 



Waste Management issue in general and plastics waste management in particular has been crippling the whole system of maintaining our cities and towns clean and healthy. Thin plastic bags and flexible packaging materials add to the woes as most of these materials remain uncollected by the volunteer groups of waste pickers due to several reasons mainly due to the economic non-viability of such exercise. Our poor civic sense of littering coupled with fragile waste collection infrastructure has added to the cause.

Nevertheless Government has issued Notifications banning plastic bags less than 40 microns throughout the country including some other actions.

However, a section of NGOs indulging in creating a myth regarding the suitability of using plastic bags in contact with food items and organizing programmes in schools propagating such myths among the young students and making arrangements to get those programmes published in print media. One such report in the local media reads:


Be prepared to collect the parcels from the hotel counters in cardboard or similar containers. The ban on plastic bags in Mumbai after the flood situation of 26th July 2005 is likely to get more stringent. Research has shown that the food products packed in these plastic bags get affected and consumption of such food may lead to cancer, heart trouble. Hence Corporation is likely to take some serious steps in this regards.


In this context ICPE along with Industry Members had organized Awareness Programmes in the same schools viz. Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir, Bandra, Mumbai to clear the myths created earlier. Dr.Shrikant Diwan from the Industry and Shri T.K. Bandopadhyay from ICPE with the permission of the school had interacted with the students and the teachers. At the end of the session all in the school had realized that the myths regarding plastics and appreciated that we all have to contribute towards keeping our environment clean by adhering to 2-bin culture and by not indulging in littering. The School authorities have requested ICPE for visiting the school again to conduct such programmes in future.


Source: ICPE